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Website Builder

Drag and drop hundreds of pre built HTML blocks to create a fully responsive, SEO friendly, static HTML web template.

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Managed Cloud Hosting

Fully managed, secure, blazing fast hosting is just a click away with automatic deployment to AWS, RackSpace, Digital Ocean and more.

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Client & Lead Management

Invite clients directly to the platform and guarantee a smooth billing experience for both you and your clients.

Enterprise Power

At Your Fingertips

Whether you need to build 5 sites or 500 sites, Jensen has you covered. Leverage the world's most powerful infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud, Cloudflare) with our 0 configuration site build & deployment process. Take control of your digital business with a scalable solution for creating crisp, gorgeous websites that load instantly and never get hacked. Rapidly test new markets, ideas and experiments with enterprise horsepower.
Technical Management

For Your Online Business

Let Jensen handle the technical details of your lead generation business. Focus on the business and Jensen will make it easy and painless to build and deploy sites, generate leads, and sell them. Leasing sites whole? Jensen can handle that too. Automated deployment to some other worlds largest cloud providers (AWS, RackSpace, Digital Ocean) combined with server management like daily backups and security scans means you don't have to think about web hosting, ever again.
Customer Billing

You Can Count On

Bill customers on a flexible schedule for individual leads or lease sites whole, Jensen handles both. Invite your customers to the platform where they'll have their own dashboard, showing exactly what you'd like and no more.
Real Time Notifications

Get Alerts On Lead, Site and Client Interactions to Your Phone and Email.

Rapidly Deploy Sites

Build a template once and deploy it as many times on unique domains as you want.

Track Keywords

See where your websites ranks in Google for the keywords that are most important to you.

Monitor Analytics

Connect Google Analytics or utilize Jensen's custom analytics to see the traffic and conversion rates your sites are getting.


What Can Jensen Do For Me?


For Your Business

Jensen makes everything simple -- so you can spend time on what really matters to you.

Intuitive Design

Quickly navigate through the dashboard to find what you need, when you need it.

Metrics That Matter

Track when you get a phone call, form submit or incoming email.


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