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What Can Jensen Do For You?

Jensen provides you with all of the tools you'll need to run a digital lead generation business. Build website templates easily and quickly with the web builder. Select any template you've built to deploy a site onto and within minutes your new website with fully functioning call tracking numbers, incoming emails and form submits will be live on a blazing fast server, safely on one of the major cloud providers that make up our deployment backbone. After you've got incoming leads, invite lead generation service providers to purchase them directly in their own dashboard. They can monitor stats, make notes on leads and see their historical lead purchases while you can see how often they answer their phone and respond to incoming leads. Other website builders generate poorly structured and difficult-to-read HTML that really only makes them useful as landing pages for paid traffic channels. We built Jensen from the ground up around the guiding principle of generating clean HTML and CSS, giving you the perfect foundation to build websites the search engines will love. We understand the importance of utilizing solid and diverse providers for hosting, CDNs and other web services. Every site you deploy will have its own unique IP, can be configured in any number of ways or optionally 100% configured by Jensen.
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